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Forex releases some important news almost every day. Upcoming news is available in the Economic Calendar section of various brokers. Before the news is released, various organizations survey and create a forecast value of how the news can come. These companies have big business news agencies like bloomberg, cnbc. Coming worse than this forecast value means that the economy of that country is doing worse, and doing better than that value means that the economy of that country is doing better. As soon as the news comes, the price will go up a lot. According to the fundamental theory, the news of which country's economy is doing well will actually increase the currency of that country and then the news that the economy of that country is doing bad will actually be reversed.

News trading is a blessing for those who do scalping because 30-50 pips can move within 5-10 minutes of news release. It all depends on how important the news is.

In the attachment file, see how much pip movement can take place in which news of which country and how much news figure can be traded.

Tradable Figure is how much change from the forecast of the actual figure to the actual figure is actually worth trading. Remember that the above tradable figure is an absolutely moderate figure. This means that if the actual value changes a little, the price will definitely move. But in reality, little change is needed to trade. A little less change but no problem. For example, us Nonfarm payroll is a very sensitive news. It has a tradable figure in 70K difference. But the price will move a lot even if it is less than 70K difference.

Movement range is how many pips can be moved. In fact, the price will increase and in fact the price will decrease.

Different brokers increase the spread during news releases because there is more volatility in the market at that moment. So if your account is not fixed spread, don't be surprised if you see more spread. Requests may occur if your broker is a market maker. Again sometimes the platform can hang. Even if the trade is open again, it cannot show. In that case, if you open the trade again, you will see 2 trades later. Again, the state of electricity in Bangladesh, after opening the trade in the news release, if the electricity goes off, think about what to do. This is because the actual value that comes after the news release is sometimes corrected which is called Revise. As such the jobless claims of the US are real lots. Lots of jobless claims mean a lot of job crises in America. This means that the American economy is in a bad state. You bought EUR / USD. The later revised figure is actually not that bad. Then the market will turn U immediately. At that time you have to be in front of the screen to avoid any unexpected accident. So be careful in news trading.

Before trading in news trading real account, you will trade the demo and you will see how well you can handle the market volatility. 


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