Pips and Pipettes in Forex

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In the Forex market, a single change or movement per 4th digit after the decimal point of a currency pair is called PIP or pip. PIPS or pips is the plural of PIP, for example Market has changed 120 pips today. In other words, the market has changed 120 pips today. Many people call Pips a point. However, pips are widely used internationally.

Most people spend a lot of time figuring out what pips are. Let's see if we can make it easier to learn with some examples.

Example 1:

You have opened your terminal (trading software provided by your broker). You see, EUR / USD was 1.4340 and now it is 1.4345.

How many pips have changed?

Rules for extraction: more-less = 1.4345 - 1.4340 = 0.0005

As I said before, counting pips starts from the number four after the decimal. Forget decimals, let's do simple calculations

4345-4360 = 5

That is, the market has changed by 5 pips.

Then say,

Example 2:

GBB / USD went from 1.5630 to 1.5639. How many pips did the market move?

5639-5630 = 9 pips.

Some more:

Market movement (EUR / USD)

Before it was 1.3450, now it is 1.3432 = 3450 - 3432 = 18 pips market movement

Earlier it was 1.3450, now it is 1.3550 = 3550 - 3450 = 100 pips market movement

Before it was 1.3750, now it is 1.3432 = 3650 - 3432 = 318 pips market movement

Earlier it was 1.4450, now it is 1.3450 = 4450 - 3450 = 1000 pips market movement

Hope you understand. Test yourself:

Puzzle 2:

EUR / USD used to be 1.3570, now it is 1.3550.

How many pips did the market move?

If you can, then you are on the right track.

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

The movement in the Forex market is calculated with the help of pips. You will often hear that Euro / USD has increased by 200 pips today. The market is moving a lot, it has increased by 100 pips in 5 minutes and so on.


Some brokers have 5 digits after the price decimal. E.g. 1.42561. This fifth digit is therefore pipette. So if the price goes from 1.42561 to 1.426, then it should be understood that 10 pips 6 pipettes have increased or 108 pipettes have changed.


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