Forex Time Frames in MT4 and MT5

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 Time frame:

Through the time frame we can find out how much the price has increased or decreased in a given 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week or 1 month. If we look at 1 5 minute candles, we can understand from that:

  ✓ At what price has the candle started?
  ✓ The candle is closed at any price
  ✓ Price: The maximum increase in 5 minutes
  ✓ Price: What was the minimum reduction in 5 minutes

The following time frames are usually used more because they are given in MetaTrader 4. But in MetaTrader 5 you can use more custom time frames.

   » M1
   » M5
   » M15
   » M30
   » H1
   » H4
   » D1
   » W1
   »  MN

If you look at any 1 candle of a certain time frame, you will understand how the price movement was at that time.



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